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Don't let incontinence control you!

Tips from your pharmacy team

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Don't Let Incontinence Control You! Tips to avoid Those Accidents From Your Pharmacy Team

Incontinence is the topic we find difficult to discuss openly. But it’s not a dark secret. It shouldn’t be kept hidden, especially from your pharmacy team. If no one else, we understand how difficult it can be to manage incontinence by yourself. 

That’s why we’ve written tips you can do immediately to limit the negative effects incontinence has on your life.

Less coffee and alcohol

As much as we depend on caffeine to get us through a disastrous morning or alcohol to cool us down in the evening, it is not doing your incontinence any favours. Both keep you running back and forth from the toilet throughout the day. And during the night, the after effects can cause accidents while you sleep. 

Cut back on the amount of alcohol and coffee you drink each day. And stop drinking all liquids in the evenings: this helps to limit problems that arise during the night because of a full bladder.  

Kegel Exercises

Weakened muscles in our pelvic floor make it difficult to hold our urine. The muscles can weaken after surgeries, post pregnancy, or if you’re overweight. What you can do to strengthen the muscles over time are Kegel exercises. 

Tighten the muscles in your pelvic floor and hold for several seconds. Release then repeat. The best thing about Kegels is you can do them anywhere; sitting, standing, in the office at work or in bed before sleep. It only takes a couple minutes a day to tighten the muscle and help your incontinence. 

Frequent Toilet Breaks

Before you get the urge to use the toilet, go use it. It’s impossible to experience an incontinence accident if your bladder is already empty. If you plan to use the toilet every 2-3 hours, whether you feel the urge or not, it can limit the number of incontinence accidents dramatically. 

When you combine the toilet breaks, Kegel practices, and drinking fewer liquids throughout the day, you’ll feel more in control. And if the frequent breaks aren’t enough, boost the duration you stay in the loo. 

Weight control 

We mentioned above one of the reasons incontinence develops is because of being overweight. Excess weight can put too much pressure on your bladder. When you laugh, sneeze, or cough with the weight it may lead to an accident. 

Losing weight will give your bladder some relief. The incontinence could become less active, especially combined with your new bathroom schedule. And luckily, laying off the booze and caffeine is already a push towards a healthier lifestyle!


You may not feel secure enough with the methods outline above. We recommend you visit your pharmacist and have a consultation with their team. 

After the talk, the pharmacy team may have product recommendations for your incontinence. Simple products like tampons for activities (exercising, aerobatics, running) or more substantial as a pessary. Male options are available too. Many of these are readily available from your pharmacy today.

You won’t know all your options until you have a clear conversation with your pharmacist. It only takes a few minutes to get the best management for your incontinence. 

Do remember…

You have options to manage your incontinence without it managing you. The people with the best knowledge for deeper management tips are in your local pharmacy.  

Incontinence shouldn’t be the reason you decide to go see your mates or stay curled up in bed. It does not have to control your life.

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