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Stress Management

Positive changes towards a healthier mind

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Stress Management

Positive changes towards a healthier mind

Stress can be the biggest cause of many issues. It is important to take control of stress and move towards a more relaxed state. Stresses will always be there. It’s the way we handle them, that determines if stress is causing harm to our health.

dearPHARMACIST will help you look at your stress in a more manageable way. Methods over the years have been learnt to show my clients how to reduce stress and how to improve their mental state.

Many people fail to realise that stress can be the start of many mental health issues. Sleepless nights due to stress will leave the body short of rest to recover. With this gradual build-up of tiredness and lack of recovery can bring on anxiety. As days and weeks go on in this state, many people often find themselves in a depressed state. The combination of this will lead to a detriment to your health. If this continues for months, you could find yourself in a state where every small issue will feel greater than it is. You will soon find yourself overeacting to these issues, causing friction amongst your close social network.

Managing stress is crucial to good health. Most of us try to take on more burden than what we can cope with, physically and/or mentally. Financial issues, relationship issues, fear of dying, lost hope and much more can lead to this state of mental stress.

Managing your stress can be a gradual process. Look at your lifestyle. If you have a lot of stress in your life, find ways to reduce it, such as asking your partner to help with chores in the house, taking a relaxing walk, or talking to your boss about changing your working hours. Whatever the issues are you need to look at them one by one. With this you can manage to release your stress one step at a time. Trying to deal with all issues in one go will only cause more anxiety. 

Improve your physical exercise and introduce new ways of motivating yourself to exercise. This will combat the feeling of frustration.

Introduce a form of relaxation into your daily routine. A relaxed mind will allow you to think clearer and address issues positively. Again, it’s important to deal with one issue at a time. Once you’ve dealt with an issue positively, your motivation and self-confidence will improve.

Try and laugh more often. The elation you feel when you laugh is a great way of combating the physical effects of stress. When you laugh, your body relaxes and endorphins (natural painkillers) are released into the blood stream.

This state of mind will place your stress at the back of mind, allowing you time to deal with one issue at a time.

Self confidence and self-esteem are crucial in combating stress. A lot of people when they are stressed tend to deplete their self-worth and isolate themselves from others. Social networks are an important part of daily life. Going out with a close friend and confiding in them with your stress can help release some of the burden you may feel. Also engaging with new people can improve your confidence as it may be an escape from the stress. Use these moments to break free from your daily stresses. A good combination of social interaction and improving physical fitness is to join a local sports club or a physical activity class. Learning a new sport will help you gain confidence and also invigorate energy towards a positive attitude.

A healthy diet will give you the right nutrition to recover and help your body rebuild from the stress. Avoiding or limiting alcohol intake will improve your stress. A lot of people tend to resort to alcohol as a problem solver. This is very unhealthy and will always increase your stress and degrade your mental ability to overcome your issues.

Sleep is very important. The body needs to sleep in order for it to repair. Not just physically but mentally. There are several products that can help with this. The one I recommend is Dormeasan® Valerian & Hops.

If you find that despite making changes you are still feeling low and under pressure, it’s then recommended to seek some counselling.

dearPHARMACIST will be at hand to help signpost you to the appropriate health professional. 

Remember you can always visit dearPHARMACIST at Regent Pharmacy, 19 Windmill Street, Gravesend, Kent DA12 1AS. Come and meet dearPHARMACIST today.


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