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What's really triggering your headaches?

Common causes & solutions

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What’s Really Triggering Your Headaches?

Headaches feel like a common symptom everyone handles. But often they’re the result of something going wrong in the body. 

It can be a simple trigger like continuous loud noises from music or rowdy neighbours. Or it could be a sign of a deeper, complicated issue, that needs attention immediately. 

Let’s look at the different situations that could be triggering your headaches.  

A bad sleep schedule headache

If you’re waking up in the mornings with heavy headaches you might be suffering from terrible sleep. Waking up multiple times throughout the night (even if it’s only for a few moments), tossing and turning in your sleep, or sleeping in a bad position can trigger headaches in the morning. 

You’ll need to readjust your sleep schedule and bed time routine. You can try the following:

  • Set down the electronics an hour before you are ready for sleep. 
  • Put plugs in your ears. Use a white noise machine or a fan. 
  • Change sides of the bed. 
  • Exchange pillows for newer ones. 
  • Wear a mask over your eyes. 

It’s a process of trial and error, but restless sleep gives more than a headache: decreased mental alertness, all-day fatigue, significantly less energy and of course, never ending yawning.

A poor diet headache

As much as we love sugary sweets and other not-so-healthy foods, eating too much of it trigger headaches. We don’t have the proper fuel to keep our body going at top rates. 

A headache can be a sign we’re not getting enough fruits, veggies, grains, or water run smoothly. And clearly, our headache is not fond of the current diet arrangement, so we need to change it by adding in healthier options and subtracting bad foods.


Excessive stress headache

When under heavy stress, our body sends signals to tell us we’ve got to slow down. Triggers can be aches and pains, sickness, stiffness in the joints, or more commonly; headaches. 

Stress gives small signals at first. Burning eyes from lack of sleep. Or anxiety throughout the day. Even irritability can be a sign of stress. But a common, and often dismissed, sign are headaches. Since headaches can be caused by a variety of things as you can see in this post, it’s difficult to connect numerous headaches throughout the week with building stress.

But let’s take a look. Are you under stress from management at work? Pushing yourself for a promotion coming up? Are the in-laws coming for dinner next week and putting you on edge? Do you run your own business and expenses are piling up? Are your relationships strained? 

Any one of these things can trigger headaches as a response to stress. It’s the body’s way of telling you “something isn’t right, and we’ve got to change it ASAP!” 

Many stress related headaches originate from muscle tension. Discuss with your pharmacist the use of anti-inflammatories and heat therapies to help minimise any tension headaches. Several products are available form your pharmacy that are convenient to carry around, thus making it convenient to carry on with your daily activities.

A deeper health problem headache

What you think is a simple headache may be a sign for a complicated health issue. 

If you experience headaches very often, they may actually be migraines. Although some migraines can cause nausea, dizziness, and extreme pain for several hours in the day, they can also be less extreme. Which makes them difficult to see the difference.

Constant headaches or migraines could mean something bigger is going on in your head. At the worst scenario it could suggest a tumour or pressure on the brain. If you’ve recently bumped your head, the headache could be a sign of a concussion. 

If you experience frequent & unbearable headaches, it’s recommended to see your GP immediately. They’re equipped to run tests to give you peace of mind or, if there is a complication, your next step. 

This isn’t something you want to keep pushing back until it gets noticeably worse.


Headaches shouldn’t be ignored. They’re triggered by something, and that something could lead to further health complications. If you’re not sure where to turn to, or who you can talk with to understand what events in your life are triggering headaches, seek out your local pharmacist.  


The reasons may seem endless but your pharmacist can help sort out the facts from the mystery of what’s triggering your headaches.

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