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Heart of the Community!

There’s lots of attention on pharmacy, and their teams, [...]

15 Jan 2015
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Show me the DATA!

As the year comes to an end, I begin to reflect on what [...]

18 Dec 2014
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The one with the Carers Trust

Rachel Don Bosco Counter Assistant – Regent [...]

02 Nov 2014
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Let me know if you look after s...

As I walked into the training I immediately noticed the [...]

14 Oct 2014
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Selfie for charity

So, why a selfie? Well, in this new age of digital, [...]

12 Oct 2014
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The one where I take a Gap Year

Rachel Don Bosco Counter Assistant – Regent [...]

10 Oct 2014
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My Health Check – by Alli...

Allison Sweeney Trainee Dispensing Assistant [...]

30 Sep 2014
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Look good, do good – wear pink

By Alice Dartnell:  Alice has an interest for strong [...]

29 Sep 2014
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Change; why we don’t want it

By Dr. Terry Maguire, a Northern Irish Community [...]

23 Sep 2014
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The changes that need to be made

There is a lot of discussion on the use of non evidence [...]

07 Sep 2014

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